How Email Validation Detects Spam Traps?

Remember your school days, when due to few naughty kids, the entire class was punished by the teacher. Even if you are not a part of the naughty group, you would have definitely suffered the consequences. This is what is happening with spam traps. You may not be sending spam emails to the customers, but if spam traps are present in the mailing list, you will be flagged as spam as the email service providers. These traps are set by the email service providers to detect companies, triggering unsolicited emails to customers. Your emails will be unseen and unread by the customers if your messages hit the spam traps. Email address verification will help you clean the mailing list and remove the traps permanently from the list.


How do spam traps get on the mailing list?

Spam traps are the most difficult to detect as they are working email addresses which were previously abandoned by their creators. In most of the cases, these spam traps are a part of a public list and due to poor acquisition methods, these traps become a part of your mailing list. Acquiring customers in a legitimate manner, following all the email marketing rules and maintaining list hygiene are a few ways to effectively deal with spam traps. When emails are delivered to such addresses you either receive a hard bounce or your domain is permanently blacklisted by the email service providers. Under both the scenarios, your marketing efforts will be wasted and the sender’s reputation will be degraded. Therefore, regularly clean the mailing list using email verifier and get rid of the spam traps.

How email validation will help?

Email validation will tell the probability of an email being opened by an active address. You will also know whether the active email address has engaged for a long period of time or not. If the answer is negative, you can filter the email address from the mailing list. You can easily navigate around the traps with the use of email validation and will manage to keep the target customers happy.