How Email Size Affects Deliverability?

What could be more important for an email marketer than knowing their email messages are being delivered to the target audience? Spam filters can make email marketing a little tough for marketers because surpassing these results is difficult unless you have followed all the best practices of sending messages. Worst fears for marketers is landing in the spam folder, which deteriorates their overall rating and future sending becomes even more difficult. You can use email address verification to remove inactive and dormant email addresses from the mailing list. Additionally, the size of your email will directly affect the deliverability. Spam filter considers the size of the email message as one of the criteria for filtering email messages as spam.



Select the right of the size of images

Safest email size is less than 100kb because such messages loads easily, even when the internet connection is extremely slow. Avoid choosing an image size, which is too large because the load time will increase and customers will irk by the high loading time. Choose the size of the image wisely as it affect the deliverability rate and lower the overall sender’s reputation. Additionally, focus on using PNG images than JPEG as the size and quality of PNG images are better than JPEG images. Likewise, never attach an image without a text because it easily gets caught on the radar of the ISPs and spam filters. Choose the size of the images keeping in mind the sender’s reputation.

Avoid large attachments

Large email attachments are considered potentially harmful and the messages directly in the spam folder. If you want to use an attachment in the email message, then you the size of the attachment should not exceed more than 2MB. Instead of using attachments, focus on using links and special landing pages.

Use email verifier to clean the mailing list such that messages, whether large in size or not reaches the inbox of the target audience. Once in a while take services of email validation to avoid spam filters.