How Email List Segmentation Alters your Marketing Statistics?

When you narrow the focus on target groups in your email list, the marketing statistic such as open and click rate automatically increase. This is because your readers can connect with the messages as the campaigns are relevant and interesting. Apart from increasing the reach, segmentation lowers down the unsubscribe and the abuse rate. It helps you connect with people who want to hear from your brand. To further improve the performance of your campaign, scrub the mailing list in every six months using email address verifier. This would maintain a healthy email list. Here are a few reasons why email list segmentation is essential.


Segment by interest group

You can create drop-down boxes, check-boxes and radio buttons in the signup form to understand the preference and requirement of the readers. Customer are more likely to engage with your brand when you send messages based on their preference and interest group. Furthermore, if you are hesitant to increase the number of fields during the initial signup, send a message asking the preference of the readers. It will help you increase the open, unique open and click through rate by a significant margin. However, verify email before including any email address in your database.

Segment by subscriber activity

Understand how every subscriber is interacting with your company as it will help you send messages that piques the interest. You need to study and analyze the customer data to segment the list based on the subscriber activity. When segmentation is done based on the activity of a subscriber, you will notice a sharp decline in the bounce rate. Reducing the bounce rate is essential as it creates a negative impact on other marketing parameters.

Segment by signup date

Every customer in your business has a different lifecycle. And, sending the same message to people who have signed up recently and people who are a part for the last one year, doesn’t really make sense. You can easily increase the click-through rate through such a segmentation.

Whatever segmentation technique you follow, remember to use email validation to maintain a sparkling clean list.