How Clean is Your Email List?

A plethora of email success factors determines the performance of the marketing campaign and one such important factor is the hygiene of the mailing list. Today, the decision of reaching the inbox of the customers lies in the hand of the ISPs who vigilantly check every email message and discard poor quality content. Marketers cannot live in the era of quantity over quality otherwise the whole marketing campaign will be ruined. Paying attention to the quality of the marketing list using email verifier is a great way of improving sender’s reputation. Low spam complaint rates and email validation are two factors determining the fate of your messages.



Reducing hard bounces

A hard bounce rate less than 1% are preferred by the ISPs because delivery to such email addresses fails permanently. Hire a list validation service provider who will be responsible for reviewing the email database, talking to the email servers and removing the bad addresses from the database. Additionally, you need to remember that achieving 100% accuracy in eliminating the bad email addresses is impossible, focus on removing as many inactive customers as possible. Remember to use email address verification once in every four months for better marketing results.

Reduce spam complaints

Spam complaints are detrimental to your deliverability and sender’s reputation. If your spam complaint rate is greater than 0.1%, then you definitely need to move your un-subscribe link at the top of your messages from the bottom. ISPs expect you to make going away simpler for your customers. To further reduce your spam complaint rate, you can ask the readers to add your email address to their contact list. Holding back a customer who is no longer interested in your brand is useless. Additionally, focus on reducing the number of messages you send every month. High frequency of messages is topmost reason for a clicking the un-subscribe link. Readers today like to set their own preferences and breaching those preferences will show you the way to spam folder.

List hygiene can never be overlooked by marketers because it is a crucial component, use email validation to lessen your worries.