High Bounce Rate- A Nightmare for Email Marketing

The worst nightmare of any email marketer is having high bounce rates, which is primarily because of sending the messages to a stale list. In email language, bounce is when an ISP fails to determine the domain name of the email address because it the domain name does not exist or the email address mentioned in invalid. Such a problem occurs when the email list is not cleaned for a long time. Validation of the existing ids is essential as it reduces the chances of a hard bounce. A hard bounce is a permanent delivery failure, whereas a soft bounce is due to the temporary server issue. An ISP will penalize you heavily if the hard bounce rate keeps on increasing at an alarming rate.

And, ignoring a high bounce rate whether hard or soft is the beginning of the end of your email marketing career.


The following are a few methods to combat the high bounce rate.

1. The age of the list should not be too old

It is futile and a completely worthless effort to send emails to addresses you have procured a year or two back. A plethora of people would have stopped using the address and many would be least interested in your current campaign. Therefore, if you see an increasing bounce rate in the number of emails, the first and foremost step is to clean the stale list and ensure that the list is error free to minimize the bounce rate. Again, cleaning a huge list is a nightmare and consumes a hell lot of time. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional list cleaning service to ensure the task is completed on time and without errors.

2. Send to customers who have subscribed recently

If you do not want to spend time cleaning an old list, the leading way to reduce the bounce rate is by sending the messages to customers who have recently willingly become a part of your email marketing campaign. This way your bounce rate will significantly reduce and the watchful eyes of the ISP will not cause any problem to your email deliverability.