Growing your Email List

Building an authentic email list is a slow and painful process. Even if you are giving irresistible offer and incentives, prospects may be extremely hesitant to sign up for the newsletters. The reason behind the same can be many and if you want to grow your email list, you need to build trust and put in some extra efforts to turn the casual customers into loyal customers. Do not only rely on the opt-in form to collect email addresses as you will be missing out on a plethora of potential customers. Collect email addresses from sales point or trade shows. Additionally, you need to regularly scrub the mailing list using email address verification to ensure the spam complaints are reduced. Here are a few ways to grow your mailing list.


Footer of the Blog Post

If readers take time to read your blog, they have probably liked your efforts and content. And, there can be no better place than the footer of the blog post to place your sign up form. Today, customers are always ready to read interesting and captivating content, and if you have a large readership base for the blog, you can ask the customers to sign up for receiving newsletters from your company. Therefore, add a permanent footer on the blog post for the customers to receive information and join your mailing list. However, remember to clean the mailing list using email validation to ensure only genuine customers are a part of the marketing campaign. Think out of the box to attract customers.

Pop overs

Pop overs are opt-in forms which usually pop-up in the corner of your website. The readers can either close the box or enter their email address based upon their preferences. These pop-ups are small and will never interfere when the reader is reading or checking out your site. Work on the pop-overs and ensure you create captivating content forcing the customers to sign up for the marketing list.

Think about different ways to attract customers and move out of the traditional ways of acquiring customers. Use email verifier to clean the mailing list and connect with customers.