Growing your Email List Using LinkedIn

Many customers complain of receiving unsolicited messages from their LinkedIn contact. Marketers who advise their employ this tactic, fail to understand that readers will unsubscribe from your newsletter. When you send messages to people who have opted-in are likely to filter your messages as spam and you’re entitled to the reputation for being disingenuous. Furthermore, people will rarely read your messages. Such negativity about your brand can easily make you a villain of the online marketing world. You need to constantly remove the inactive addresses using email list cleaning software to reach the target audience. Here are a few ways of building an email list using LinkedIn.


Create interesting content through LinkedIn Pulse

Content is king, but when it comes to increasing engagement on LinkedIn, you need some remarkable and awesome content. If you want your business partners and clients to perceive you as an industry leader, start publishing content through the LinkedIn pulse platform. LinkedIn platform will notify all your connections about the post. However, remember to comment back on every comment that the customers leave. You can definitely increase engagement by publishing remarkable content. But, remember to clean the list using email address verification to connect with loyal readers.

Create your own group

Having your own LinkedIn is probably the best available source at your disposal. It is the leading way to increase engagement, get in front of thousands of customer and position yourself as an industry expert. Furthermore, you can send one announcement per week to all the members in the group. Through your group you can connect with like-minded people and people who love content about your brand. Send announcement about your blog to the readers every week to ensure engagement. It will also make sure that your readers are loyal and will never filer your messages as spam.

Share your content

Once you’ve created a remarkable piece of content, share the content with your email list and social media. Without sharing the content, you cannot expect a high engagement rate.

Focus on using email validation on a regular basis.