Growing an Engaged Email List

Marketers with small, but engaged email list tend to outperform businesses sending bulk emails to the readers. Such marketers forget that there is a thin line of difference between nurtured email subscribers and cold email subscribers. Convert the latter into former is the goal of every business. You need to apply properly crafted strategies to achieve this goal. Creating a list which results in a high open rate and high click-through rate is not a fast process. Nurturing an email list takes time, but the efforts pay off at the end. For better results, you should clean the marketing list using verify email.


Welcome the readers

Once a customer share their email address, they are interested in hearing from you. Make sure to deliver according to the expectations. You can set up an automated welcome message introducing your brand to the new entrants. Welcome emails usually manage to gather more attention than the regular newsletters. Provide a strong reason for the readers to stick to your marketing campaign, it can either be in the form of a freebie or a giveaway. Wow the customers by adding more and more value by showcasing your best content and offering support to the readers. Unless, you engage the readers, building an authentic email list will remain a dream.

Segment the marketing list

Lumping all the subscribers under one campaign is one common mistake in list nurturing. As a marketer, you need to respect the taste and preference of every customer. What is liked by one customer, may not necessarily be liked by the other. Therefore, it is essential to segment the readers on demographics, purchase history, age, etc. before sending tailored messages. Segmenting the readers can drastically change the results because you can brainstorm ideas and content before sending it to the potential readers. However, clean the marketing list using email address verification to reduce the spam complaints.

Make your subscribers feel special by offering them exclusive access to your content. Nurturing an email list is a task and you can accomplish it using an email validation.