Give What your Users Want- Reduce Spam Complaint

If you really want to get conversions and reduce the spam complaints, you need to read the mind of the customers. Understanding the requirements of the customer will not attract more customers to the website, but it will also reduce the spam complaint rate. When readers receive what they want, the chances of filtering the messages as spam is very less. Unless you nail it, customers will rarely be interested in the email communication you send. Deliver your promise with the email content and people will definitely start talking about your services and product. Use email address verification to remove the inactive and dormant email addresses from the mailing list and ensure you deliver as per the needs of the target audience.


Customer surveys

Customer surveys are the leading way to understand the reader’s intent. According to a survey, customers never lie during an online survey because a survey is conducted to serve their needs better. When a customer is unsubscribing from the email marketing campaign, conduct an exit survey to understand the reason why the readers are leaving. If a majority of the readers, find the content dull and boring, then change the content by sending creative and interesting information. Whenever a customer gives their opinion, work on it and ensure to take the negative feedback as a chance to learn. A small change and effort from your side will increase the conversion potential and drastically reduce the spam complaint rate.

Purchase history

Purchase history of the customer will help you understand the taste and requirement of the customer. For example, if a customer has recently purchased a desktop from your brand, send information about the various desktop accessories the customer can use and make their life easy. You can also send information on maintenance of the desktop. Purchase history is a powerful tool available with your brand, utilize it effectively to understand what the users want. Additionally, sending such useful emails will reduce the spam complaints to a great extent.

Email verifier will assist you in understanding the actual requirement of the readers and you can build long term relationship.