Fixing a Large Email Contact List Using Email Validation

Having a large email contact list is a sign of an extremely successful marketing campaign. You build a list only when customers show faith in your offering and like the promotional campaigns being carried out. Imagine that you blast the newsletters to customers and more than 50% of the emails are returned because the email addresses are wrong or invalid. What will be your next step? You can’t again start the whole process of gathering email addresses again because you already have spent a lot of time and money on gathering the addresses. Cleaning the list using an email verifier is the best available option with you.


1. Hire a list cleaning service

A plethora of list cleaning service providers is available today and the price varies according to their work and experience gained in the industry. Price should be the last thing you need to worry because it is the effectiveness of the cleaning service which is going to reap benefits in the long run. You can carry out a test run before handing over the whole list to a service provider. The batch testing will help you understand the working nature and the quality you can expect in the long run. If you are satisfied with the results, the list cleaning contract can be rewarded.

2. Do the service provider has a list to compare with?

A plethora of service providers in order to reduce the hard bounces compare your list with the already existing enormous list which they have built. Therefore, before hiring a specialist ensure that the list provider can effectively reduce the hard bounces using email address validation as well. Hard bounces will hit your sender’s reputation to a great extent because the ISPs will get alerted and will stay alert for any emails which are triggered from your end.

3. Look for long term relationship

An email address validation company who provides you with effective results would be more than happy to guarantee a success rate. Trusting the service provider is the best option as it will surely help you in the long run. These companies will work for the betterment of your email marketing campaign.