Factors Affecting Email Deliverability—- Part II

Once a strong and reliable messaging infrastructure is created, you can easily move on to the second factor affecting the email deliverability. The messaging infrastructure will function as a mirror and you can evaluate the data acquisition strategy and the customer acquisition strategy easily. The way you get people on the list greatly affects the email deliverability.


Given below are other factors, which will accelerate the whole campaign.

1. Acquisition

The safest method to build long term relationships and acquire customers successfully is through the opt-in submission forms. The whole opt-in process gives you the control of the data verification and data collection. You can cross-verify details before adding the customer to the mailing list. It will also ensure that the customers are beforehand informed about the products you offer and the kind of emails you will be triggering in the future. The email address validation happens in-house and by using the services of verify email you can correct the wrongly entered data and communicate the same to the customers. Email validation gives you the freedom to send newsletters to the customer as the mailing list is clean and consist of customers who are genuinely interested. Moreover, try to destroy data, which is hampering the deliverability because the destruction of unwanted data is extremely easy.

2. Management

Managing and monitoring the data acquired is the next step towards success. Use the services of email address verifier to remove the potential email addresses resulting in hard bounces. An unread email is not considered a good signal by the ISP.  Additionally, ensure that the data quality is not the reason for derailing all the hard work which has been put to make the email marketing campaign successful. The process of verification is extremely simple, affordable, easy and it removes the negative variables which can affect and damage the sender’s reputation.

Tip to remember : Make opting out easier than opting in because customers who do not want to be a part of the campaign are more likely to report a spam if they are unable to stop the incoming emails.