Factors Affecting Email Deliverability—- Part I

Delivering newsletters and emails successfully in an inbox is an art and it cannot be done with a simple flick of the wand. Deliverability is the toughest nut to crack in email marketing. Read on further to understand the whole functionality and influence the success of the whole email marketing campaign.


1. Messaging infrastructure is critical

The foundation of a successful campaign depends on the extremely reliable messaging infrastructure. During your childhood days, you went to school to learn and later on earn an income and pass on the same information to your kids. A reliable school will get you to that top ladder and deliver the expected results. An unreliable school will degrade the knowledge and will never impart ethics or values because of which you will definitely have to suffer in the later years of your life. The messaging infrastructure you build will directly have an impact on the ability to deliver emails reliably to the intended audience and build long term relationship. Therefore, developing a strong and reliable infrastructure is critical when it comes to deliverability.

2. Whitelisting and email validation

Asking the customers to whitelist your email address will reduce the spam threats and decrease the chances of hitting a spam trap. ISPs consider the whitelisted senders important and are given high importance when it comes to deliverability. Additionally, email address validation will further accelerate the deliverability rates. Verify email is a unique way to remove the customers who landed up in the mailing list by mistake or are no longer interested in the products and services you offer. Using whitelisting and email validation you are sure to curb the hard bounces and reduce the spam rates, thereby giving wings to the deliverability rates. You can even use the customer feedback loops to remove the unwanted customers and understand the reason for customers leaving the marketing campaign. The complaint feedback loops are usually forwarded by the ISPs to the senders.

Your ESP can ensure and build a strong messaging infrastructure and the deliverability will depend upon the way you handle it. Drive the messaging infrastructure carefully because a lot is at stake.