Everything About Email Segmentation

Email is undoubtedly the strongest marketing medium a business can depend upon. It is one of the most widely used platforms by the customers and with the extensive use of mobile phones, a majority of the customers are at an arm’s distance from their inbox. As a marketer, you need to leverage the effectiveness of email segmentation because it attracts low abuse and spam reports from the customers. Based upon the industry, the mailing list can be segmented into different criteria. Additionally, remember to clean the segmented list using email address verification as it will help you reach out to genuine customers.


Divide based on industry

Depending upon your product and services, you will have customers from different industries. Each industry will have a unique use of the same product. Your product and services will remain the same, but the benefits reaped by the customers will be different. Therefore, it is an intelligent move to segment the mailing list based on the industry of your customer. You need to keep a track on the requirements of your client and provide them with a product or service completely suiting their needs.

Purchase History

A past purchase of your customer can help you understand their future purchase decision. Cross referencing the past purchase behaviour of your old clients will help you understand the purchase pattern of the new clients. Send surveys to the customers and understand the benefits they reaped from your product or service and what are they expecting to see in the product in future. Collect the relevant data and analyze it to understand the future purchase behavior of your customers. If you are successful in understanding the psychology of purchasing pattern, you will be successful in your endeavors.

Avoid the spam list

You can improve the sender’s reputation and decrease the spam complaints through a well-segmented mailing list. When relevant emails are sent to the customers, the chances of the email being flagged as spam is low. Additionally, to further reduce the spam complaints, you can clean the mailing list using email address validation.

Start segmenting your mailing list today!