Essential of Email List Cleaning

A lot is heard and said about the emerging trend of list cleaning to increase engagement and deliverability in the marketing world. List cleaning today has become an integral of an email marketing campaign, but still a plethora of marketers are clueless about the importance and the necessity of such a service to ensure a successful campaign. To some it is a way to earn money and for others it is totally useless because such people are confident of removing erroneous emails. After reading ahead, the misconception of both the categories of people will be eliminated and they will understand why email verifier or verify email is an essential tool to use.

Email List Hygiene

1. Spam trap deletion

Usually and email verifier company has details about the honeypots and frequent email addresses that are bots or spam traps. You as a marketer will be able to correct only email addresses and will never be able to detect the traps laid down by the ISP. List cleaning and email validation companies have the list of frequent complainers and traps. Once you trigger emails to such addresses, the whole email marketing campaign will go for a toss.

 2. Domain Validation

Email validation companies even have the database which can provide accurate domain validation. The status of the domain is verified a number of times over a few days to know the real status of the domain. This is a double check to ensure that valid email addresses are not marked valid by the customer. Accurate results will increase the engagement and the deliverability rates will surely surge higher.

3. Even the mailboxes are verified

IP addresses are used to cross-verify and mailboxes of the customers to delete spam traps and reduce both the hard and soft bounces. Through the IP address tracking, you can easily understand which customers are genuine and which are embedded into the list by the ISP.

The ball is in your court now, if you feel you feel that these checks are irrelevant and can be easily done in-house, go ahead and ignore the list cleaning companies. However, be ready to pay a heavy fine for the same.