Encouraging Subscriber Engagement

According to a survey, customers are interested only in 24% of the emails that they receive in a day. And, becoming a part of that 24% are extremely essential and engaging the subscribers to deeper level will only help you improve the marketing statistics. If the marketing campaign is not as accepted, more than 75% of the emails are left unread and land up in the trash folder. Many of the emails are probably filtered as spam because the customers find the content as irrelevant. This is a horror story of all the email marketers and coming out with flying colours is extremely essential. Email validation will help you achieve the marketing goal and ensure customers stay loyal for a longer period of time.


Customers hate irrelevant messages

Customers prefer to see fewer emails because higher the number of emails, the higher the chances of customers will not read the message. Additionally, customers hate repetition of the message. Therefore, before sending email to the customer to ensure that the message is fresh and you are not sharing stale addresses with the intended target audience. You need to understand that here we are not talking about messages being marked as spam, we are in fact talking about interested recipients going sour because of irrelevant communication. Under such a scenario, even email verifier will not be able to help as the customers are filtering the message as spam or hitting the unsubscribe button because the marketing communication is not up to the mark. A plethora of time, email marketers send the same message to the mailing list is exhausted, thinking that customers will definitely show an interest. However, the opposite happens and recipients prefer to leave the marketing campaign.

Click-through rate is essential

If you want to increase the click-through rate, you need to focus on your call to action. The call to action should be bold and clear, such that customers take the appropriate action. Based upon the result, build and design the call to action. Click through rate should be a matter of concern when the open rates are doing fine, but the conversion is not happening.