The Key to Effective Lead Nurturing

Email marketers simply love lead nurturing because it connects them to the entire journey of the customer. It is helping marketers move the customers to the point where they start becoming paying customers. According to research, for 74% of the business owners, one of the most crucial goals of a marketing automation plan is implementing a successful lead nurturing program. Moreover, lead nurturing produces an outstanding result when you have the necessary data to personalize the email message. But, in the absence of personalized data, using the email verification API, you can still achieve your goal.

Email Verification API – The Key to Effective Lead Nurturing

1) Eliminates potential bottlenecks

A lead nurturing campaign typically begins by offering an instant discount or offer to the website visitor. B2B companies offer eBooks and guides to attract the visitors, whereas B2C companies offer a discount on products or services. To avail the offer, the customer agrees to share their email address, but how will you check the authenticity of the information shared with you.  Sending messages without conducting list validation will result in failure of the nurturing efforts.  Maintain list hygiene using the email verification API to eliminate unforeseeable deliverability issues. A list verification software checks for potential typos and misspelling errors in real-time. Preventing the wrong email address from making way to the email list in real-time is better than scrubbing the list later on.

2) Revisit your buyer personas

You will have trouble addressing the requirement of the customers if you send messages without knowing their buyer persona. Unless, you know who you are talking about and what they care, connecting with them at a personal level is difficult. Add new observations to the already existing persona to create a seamless marketing experience for the readers. However, using list verification eliminate dormant customers, and only then revisit the buyer persona to save time. They are your customers and the way to treat them decides the fate of your lead nurturing campaign.

3) Deploy and mix the content

With a clean email list and laser-focused buyer persona, it’s time to reconnect with the potential leads and deliver entertaining content in bits. Share a link to videos displaying webinars that demonstrate the competitive advantage of your brand. Furthermore, share a case study featuring a happy customer’s experience to let the prospects know how others value your brand.  It’s the right time to break the silos and overcome objections to turning the leads into loyal customers.  Content helps in increasing the reach and works in conjunction with the lead nurturing campaign to deliver outstanding marketing results. Undoubtedly, customer acquisition and lead nurturing are crucial to enhancing the revenue generation,  but your efforts can reach the dustbin in no time. To avoid such a scenario, clean the marketing list using the email verification API to eliminate dormant, inactive and spam traps from your list.

It takes a lot of efforts to generate new leads. Therefore, validate emails to remove data entry errors on a regular basis. It’s your business, and you have to take the onus of everything.