Email Validation Prediction for the Future

Email marketing is ruling the world of marketing and is one of the most preferred tool because of its effectiveness and ROI. A well-designed and drafted email certainly demands more click and conversion to drive performance of the brand. Many marketers believe that a great design requires innate talent and a degree in technical designing. Any email marketing campaign is incomplete without email verifier because inactive and dormant subscribers lower the engagement and the click-through rate. And, any mistake in the mailing list is sure to lower the sender’s reputation and degrade the deliverability rate beyond repair. Cleaning the email list regularly is essential and will continue to dominate the success of the marketing campaign even in near future.



Tighter spam rules

In the coming years, the US government is expected to update the CAN-SPAM law and pass new regulations against illicit messaging. Data breaches today have become so common that they no longer make the first page news. According to marketing gurus, consumers will have more rights over their data and the type of email communication. Email service providers will have full control over unsolicited and unwanted email messages. The strengthening of the CAN-SPAM rule will definitely be applauded by the subscribers as they are likely to get rid of unwanted email messages in the future.

Email verification

Email address verification companies are expected to increase in future because email will continue its dominance in the marketing world. These companies will grow at a faster rate because marketers would be requiring their services to clean their email list from wrong and bad email addresses. Hiring the services of a professional will come in handy to maintain the deliverability rate and sender’s reputation. Additionally, the professional service providers are expected to deliver more security and privacy in terms of customer data. A cleaned email list will give a business edge over their rivalries because they can contact with the subscribers and keep them engaged. Today, engaging the existing customers is a task as customers do not have time to read every email message landing in their inbox.