Email Validation in 2016

Email marketing is undoubtedly a marketing platform to look for in 2016. More than 70% customers, still prefer receiving emails from business owners. But, a majority of them prefer permission based marketing communication to avoid the flooding of messages in the inbox. Having an updated and authentic mailing list is imperative and decides the fate of the email marketing campaign. You can easily enhance the marketing performance using an email verifier and take your business to the next level. Even in 2016, email validation will be useful to remove dormant, inactive customers and ensure high deliverability of the messages. The pre-validation and post-validation concept process of verify email, ensures accuracy in removing an address from the database. Here are a few reasons why email address verification will be a hot seller even in 2016.


Number of email users will increase

According to statistics, the number of email users will easily cross the 2.9 billion mark by the end of 2016 making it the largest marketing platform used by customers. And, when the number of users will increase, the need of cleaning the mailing list will directly increase. And, if you want to grow your business, you need to remove the unwanted email addresses from the marketing list as soon as possible because such addresses are a threat to the email marketing campaign. Sending messages to customers who are likely to flag the message as spam is like banging your own head on the wall. Therefore, welcome 2016, with a strategy of cleaning the marketing list on a regular basis.

Number of messages will increase

Even the average number of emails being sent and received will increase because of a number of new companies coming into picture. When the inbox of a customer is flooded with emails, they are likely to ignore them or flag the messages as spam, if they find it irrelevant. Therefore, you need to regularly check whether the customers are responding to the email communication or not.

Year 2016 will open up a lot of new opportunities for everyone. Focus on cleaning the list regularly in the upcoming year.