Email Validation Etiquettes

Email validation etiquettes are not a set of rules, which will prevent your email from hitting the spam filter, instead they are guidelines helping you to prevent any mistake. Etiquettes will help you prevent offending customers because of some mistake committed from your end. You can connect and communicate with the customers in a more effective way. Email address verification will help your email marketing campaign deliver quality results in no time, therefore, it becomes even more important to follow the given below email etiquettes.


Focus on quality over quantity

Merely building an email list without focusing on the quality of the marketing list is a waste of marketing efforts and money. A quality list is comprised of subscribers who have willingly opted for receiving email communication from your brand. There is no point increasing the database of the customers if they are going to filter the email messages as spam. Your sender’s score will drastically reduce causing problems in deliverability of the messages to the inbox of the customer. Use the double-opt in method to ensure customers are actually interested in your brand.

Clean the mailing list regularly

In email marketing, the success of the marketing campaign depends heavily on the mailing list. Therefore, maintaining the email list on a regular basis is a must. You can hire a professional email address verification company to remove the unwanted, inactive and dormant customers from the list. Removing such email addresses is essential as they deteriorate the effectiveness of the whole marketing campaign. Hire a list cleaning service carefully as the online success is heavily dependent upon it. Ask the company to test a batch of email addresses from your marketing list. Based upon the result, hire the service. Before making a final choice, consider the cost factor as well otherwise the ROI of the campaign will fluctuate.

Keep emails short

Customers unsubscribe from marketing newsletters which are lengthy. Customers today are very busy and have no time to read long emails. Send messages which can be scanned and consume less time of the reader.


Verify email will help you achieve the desired marketing goal.