Email Validation – Do you need it?

Marketing lists are like dirty laundry, at some point of time, they need to be cleaned. Email validation is not only about scrubbing the mailing list to remove unwanted and dormant email addresses, it is more about removing the bad email addresses as such addresses deteriorate the deliverability and affect the sender’s reputation. When the messages do not reach the inbox, the marketing efforts are wasted and you end up spending money unnecessarily. So, as a marketer, how you know that your mailing list needs email verifier or not. The following two key metrics will help you understand the need of email address verification.


Bounce Rate

A bounce rate of more than 20% can comprise the deliverability rate and effectiveness of the marketing campaign. An old or stale email list can result in a high bounce rate. More bad email addresses on the mailing list will ensure a high bounce rate and push the marketing efforts to the back seat. And, frequent bounces will alert the ISPs, leading to permanent blocking. You will only mitigate the chances of the email reaching the inbox of the customer. You definitely require an email address verification service, if you witness a high bounce rate. Choose a service which can effectively reduce honeypots, spam bots, moles and invalid email address.

Click through rate

Boosting the open rate will help you improve the click through rate. Therefore, you need to connect with the customers on a personal level and ensure customers are engaged through interesting content. If the customers receive relevant and useful information, they are more likely to take an action on the email. A low click through rate is an indication that the mailing list is full of unwanted email addresses.

Always acquire the mailing list from a reputable source and test the validity of every customer before sending the marketing communication. Additionally, hiring a verify email service provider after a thorough research as a lot of marketing budget would be at stake.