Email Validation and Segmentation- A Tool to Reach Customers

Filtering the mailing list will help you focus on subscribers with certain traits and connecting with the audience will become an easy task. Both email validation and segmentation are the powerful tools of email marketing as it will help improve engagement rates and ensure customers remain loyal for a long time. Whether the mailing list is large or small, cleaning the mailing list on a regular basis will help you dramatically increase the response rate in a short span of time. And, once the response rate increases, the email marketing campaign will automatically rise and customers will become attracted to the marketing campaign.


Here are few tried and tested ways to increase the responsiveness of the mailing list.

New Subscribers

New subscribers are the newborn babies of the mailing list and you need to be careful while dealing with the newbies. These customers have a high chance of filtering the email as spam because they are new and unaware about your offerings. Therefore, segmenting the customers based upon their taste and requirement will help you connect in a better way and ensure that the mails are not filtered as spam by the customers. Take special care of the customers and show that you really care for their subscription. Therefore, entice such customers with new, fresh and authentic content.

Scrub the mailing list

As time passes, a number of email addresses either become dormant or inactive. And, if any email is triggered to such addresses, it will lead to hard or soft bounces, which will ultimately deteriorate the whole marketing campaign. Therefore, cleaning the mailing list using email verifier will help you reduce the instances of both hard & soft bounces. If you have purchased a mailing list, then scrubbing the mailing list of unwanted email addresses is very important.

Segment customers based on their buying behavior

Segment the marketing list based on their purchase history because if you sell what the customers like, you will be able to attract more and more customers to the product. Offer discounts on items, which the customers frequently purchase.