Email Marketing Metrics which are Overlooked

Numbers in marketing play a significant role and many times the numbers need to prove the success of an email marketing campaign. Undoubtedly creating and building relationships are the backbone of any type of marketing, but in order to impress your boss, you need to show some relevant numbers and details. Have you ever thought of the value of each email address that becomes a part of the mailing list? If you have not pondered over the importance of each and every email in the mailing list, then you need to tighten your seat belts and focus on the number, if you want to truly taste success.


1. Average value of every email address

Determining the value of every email address on the mailing list will let you know whether the campaigns are actually working or not. Moreover, if the average value per email address is extremely low, you need to clean the mailing list and ensure only genuine customers stay on the list. Email address validation and email address verifier are two tools which will help you achieve the goal successfully. You can determine the value by dividing the total revenue generated from the customers for a specified period of time by the average number of customers on the list. It is an important metric, often overlooked by the marketers.

2. Unengaged users

Unengaged or disengaged users are a threat and should be dealt carefully. It is essential to track the usage and click through history of such customers because they are a potential threat to the business. These customers will not think twice before reporting the emails, which are triggered to their email addresses. You can easily track the data by looking back at the last date on which the customer was active and interacted with the business in some way or the other. Once the disengaged customers are found, you can either remove the customers from the list or carry out a reengagement campaign to bring back the lost customers.

Email validation will help you in each step ensuring that all the marketing goals are achieved successfully.