Email Marketing List Hygiene Myths and Facts

Email Verification is becoming extremely important to ensure high delivery rate and conversion rates for an email marketing campaign. Erroneous email addresses possess a threat to the reputation and can unnecessarily increase the cost. Therefore, email address verification has become an integral part of any email marketing campaign. However, there is a plethora of myths around the email verification process.


Myth#1: Email Verification is only about deleting bad data

Years ago Email Verification was done for the sole purpose of removing email addresses that were incorrect or erroneous. It was more about scrubbing the list of invalid addresses to ensure emails are delivered. However, today the trend has changed and Email Verification also primarily focuses on customers who have stopped opening the emails. This helps the marketing campaign in a plethora of ways because it reduces the unnecessary cost and time spent on such customers.

Myth#2: Email Verification targets only the inbox

A number of marketers are under an impression that the major advantage of a Email Address Verification is that the email will reach the desired inbox without bouncing. However, these marketers fail to look at the other side of the coin. Once the list is cleaned, you have email addresses of people who are genuinely interested in your campaign. You can effectively create personalized messages and win hearts of the probable customers. You need to remember that once your emails are being ignored by the customers, the ISPs are again going to track you and probably take negative actions against your email marketing campaign.

Myth#3: Bot are declining

Bots are email addresses that do not belong to a real human customer. The bots are programs which target websites that have huge amounts of rebates or are extremely popular. And, a plethora of marketers thinks that the increasing bounce rate is because of the presence of bots and nothing can actually be done about these notorious programs. However, the reality is different and combating bots have become extremely easy today. Using a bot or a spam trap combating services will help solve the problem effectively and within budget.