Email Hygiene – A Necessity Today

The word hygiene is not related to humans alone, even email marketing is drastically affected by unhygienic email list. And, today when a plethora of marketers relies heavily on email marketing for the success of their business. Sending emails to spam email addresses implies that you are indirectly working as a spammer because spammers randomly send emails and this can lead to your email being marked spam by the ISP. Email hygiene is a way of sending valid and engaged emails to customers, ensuring that the right customers are targeted.



Here is why email hygiene is important this is where email verifier or email address verification will come handy.

1. Expired email addresses lead to spam traps

In order to track down spammers and ensure top class email marketing experience for the customers ISP mark expired addresses as spam traps. This will mean that even if you have acquired an email address from a legitimate source still you will get marked spam by the ISP. Therefore, email list hygiene is extremely important and an email verification is the apt way to achieve a cleaned email list. Moreover, inactive accounts can lead to ISP permanently blocking all your email marketing campaigns. Therefore, it is best to remove customers who are no longer interested in your messages or find them irrelevant.

2. Engagement

Engaging users in email marketing are one of the leading ways to convert potential customers to lifetime customers. User engagement is a way to avoid spam filters and traps. Even if you try to re-engage customers, you need to ensure that email list you are using is legitimate and cleaned. Therefore, using email verifier ensure that customers who are inactive for the past 6 months or more are removed. Identifying such email addresses is easy. All you have to do is track open rates, click-through rates and the success of your previous email marketing campaign.

Utilizing email address validation will surely help you improve the number of emails that land in the inbox and drastically cuts down the un-subscription or the spam rates. It is worth investing in email hygiene as sooner or later you will reap its umpteen benefits.