Email Deliverability – Why Every Marketer is Worried?

According to a study, more than 10% of the emails are deleted without reading. These figures clearly indicate that readers today are in no mood to receive nonsensical messages from any brand- a major cause of worry for the marketers. Today, engaging a reader and ensuring a purchase is hundred times difficult because you need a proper marketing strategy to get your message across to the readers. The first and foremost requirement is a cleaned database, otherwise your messages will land in the inbox of the target audience. Cleaning the list using verify email is a great way of eliminating out-of-date subscriptions and invalid email addresses. Here are a few reasons why email deliverability is causing sleepless nights to email marketers.


Cost associated is high

Sending messages to customers who are inactive and who have not opened a single message in the past few months will definitely cost you a lot of money. Email is undoubtedly a cheap source of reaching the audience, but the cost of lowering down the reputation and building the marketing campaign for customers who are likely to flag the messages as spam will add up. In order to lower these cost, clean the mailing list once in a while using email validation to reduce email deliverability issues. Next time, before sending email messages, send only to half of your list and monitor the results before triggering the messages to the other half.

Reducing spam complaints

Finding readers who complaint and filter the email messages as spam is essential to increase the email deliverability. Spam complaints adversely affect the overall ranking and lowers the sender’s reputation to a great extent. And, if the spam complaints breach the set standard, then you will get blacklisted by the email service provider. Additionally, a high spam complaint rate adversely affects the email deliverability and leaves the marketer wondering about the plausible ways to increase the deliverability.

Improving email deliverability rate is essential if you want to stay at the top of the minds of the customers. Clean the mailing list using email address verification.