Email Deliverability – Success Path for Small Business Owners

Today, email marketing is the strongest weapon available with small business owners to increase and enhance their user base and improve the ROI of their marketing efforts. But, how is your sender’s reputation? Are your messages reaching the inbox of the prospects or landing in the spam folder? Focusing on building the sender’s reputation is essential to remain unblocked by the internet service providers. If you cannot beat the bug called email deliverability, you should probably look for other marketing platforms because wasting money on creating email communication never reaching the customer is useless. Email verifier will help you improve the deliverability rates and target the intended audience.



Spam Filters

Ensuring that email messages reach the inbox is an integral part of any email marketing campaign and email deliverability strategy. If the messages are constantly being filtered by the spam filters and ISPs, the company will face the threat of losing conversion and their reputation will be at stake. You need to stay alert and avoid words and phrases triggering spam filters. Avoid words such as ‘$$$’, ‘Money’, ‘Hot’, ‘Free’ and avoid using all capital letters in the messages. The spam filters are highly vigilant and keep track of every email being sent and delivered. After all, what matters to every business in the end is reputation. The higher the reputation, higher will be your customer loyalty and user base.

Email Authentication

Marketers should follow the concept of prevention is better than cure to unnecessarily remove any hassle arising due to unconfirmed email addresses. Unconfirmed email addresses usually result in high spam and bounce rates, because either these addresses are mistyped or fake. You can use email address verification to remove such email addresses from the database. Small business owners need to opt for email communication and confirmation before sending messages to such customers.  There is no point inviting trouble and spoiling the marketing campaign.

Email validation will help you reach the target audience and maintain the spam rate, according to the industry standard. Focus on delivering messages to the inbox and you will automatically leave a lasting impression.