Email Deliverability Issues which Cannot be Ignored

According to statistics, worldwide, the email deliverability over the years have reduced to 79% in 2015 from 84% in 2014. These figures are baffling and requires the marketers to harness the power of email deliverability metrics such as bounce rate, spam rate and spam trap hits. Today, email deliverability is the major obstacle faced by both large and small business owners. One in every five email messages never land in the inbox. Email deliverability is the most significant yet overlooked aspect of any email marketing campaign. Improving the deliverability rate is essential to reach the intended recipients and you can achieve it by cleaning the email list using email address verification. Here are few key deliverability issues a marketer cannot afford to ignore.



Spam Filters

Spam filters are dreaded by small business owners because the messages are either blocked by the internet service providers or spam filters. Not only you lose conversions, but you end up sacrificing your reputation in the online world. Building the reputation back is next to impossible because the damage to the marketing efforts is already done. You need a full-proof strategy to avoid email phishing and ensure you reach the inbox of the recipients. Avoid landing in the spam folder by using email verifier and build your online reputation.

Sender reputation

Maintaining a high sender reputation is critical when it comes to building the presence of a brand online. The sender’s score determines how trustworthy your online business is. It is dependent upon the number of email messages you sent, complaint rate, bounce rate and the number of email messages landing in the spam folder. A high sender’s reputation automatically enhances the deliverability rate and your brand takes precedence when it comes to filtering decision. Achieving a high sender’s reputation is definitely not a cakewalk, it is built with every email marketing campaign and you need to remain patient to notice the difference in the results. Therefore, it is advisable to follow permission based sending.

Use email validation to enhance the email deliverability rate and take your business to the next level.