Email Deliverability Failure- What you Definitely Need to Know

Sending email messages is easy, but getting the messages delivered to the inbox of the readers is a completely different story. Marketers are often non-technical and are incapable of fully understanding the technicalities of email deliverability. Whenever you hit the send button, your emails have to undergo a series of filters before reaching the inbox. Having an authentic mailing list is extremely essential and maintain the list using email address verification is even more important. Marketers can actually learn from email deliverability failures and ensure not to repeat the same mistakes in their future marketing campaign.



Are you aware about the sender’s reputation?

ISPs take into consideration a lot of factors in determining whether the email messages will be blocked or not. If you have poor email reputation, then your messages are sure to land in the spam folder and your readers will hardly take notice of your messages. Maintaining a constant sender’s reputation need constant vigilance as it increases and decreases from campaign to campaign. Cleanliness of the email list is one of the factors, which can help in maintaining a strong reputation. Remember to clean the list using an email verifier and reduce the probability of landing in the spam folder. Clear way of un-subscription, double opt-in strategy and cleaned mailing list are a few ways of improving the sender’s reputation.

Are you receiving complaints?

Complaints are definitely a nightmare for marketers because it sends a signal that you are probably doing something wrong, which is resulting in customers alerting the ISPs about your deeds. Ensure you have enough information about the interest of the readers, as it will help you send content according to their interest. And, once readers receive relevant information, the likelihood of making a complaint reduces. Email feedback loop are an interesting tool to keep track on the complaint rate. Regularly ask the readers for their feedback as it will help you understand the requirements of the readers.

Remember to use email validation on a regular basis to avoid email deliverability failures in the near future.