Email Database Facelift

A plethora of email marketers are always on a lookout for email practices, which will help you improve the content and the delivery of the messages. Today, email marketing has become one of the key channels for marketers to connect with the potential customers. A majority of the marketers focus on the content and the deliverability, however, forget to maintain their email database. The quality of database is essential and it heavily impacts the delivery of the messages being sent to the customers. If too many email addresses are inaccurate and collected via wrong means, then the messages are delivered to the spam folder and once the spam rate increases, it will affect the deliverability to other email addresses as well. You will be shocked to know that more than 20% of the email addresses in a database are either inaccurate or wrong. Here are three tips to utilize.


Never purchase a mailing list

Purchase lists are full of inaccurate email addresses, spam traps and honeypots. Triggering emails to such addresses will lead to permanent blocking by the ISPs. Additionally, the deliverability rates will be reduced for the entire domain. The best way to acquire customers is through the process of double-opt in as customers who willingly signup for the process stay connected for a long period of time. Even if you purchase the mailing list, ensure you clean the list using email address verification and remove the unwanted customers. List cleaning service providers like email verifier will help improve the effectiveness and deliverability of the email mailing list.

Use email validation

A majority of the marketers validate their newly acquired customers, but still many marketers do not validate the email address of the new customers. It is best to validate the email addresses at the point of capture because catching mistakes at the initial stage will be beneficial for the organization. You will save your time and money by not focusing on these customers. Additionally, the open rates and the click-through rates will enhance.

Use email validation to build a user base of loyal and interested customers.