Email Campaign Testing Tips

A successful email campaign requires efforts and dedication. And, you will surely not like to see your efforts flush in the drain because of ay minor mistakes. Therefore, testing to improve email marketing performance is a way to lower failure and enhance the open rates. Additionally, it is essential to understand which component of your email marketing is actually working out for you. If your email marketing is failing due to stale email list or high bounce rate, then you definitely need to use email verifier or email address validation.


You can use the following testing tips to enhance the email marketing campaign.

A/B Testing

A/B testing involves sending out various versions of the same email to the existing customer or the already existing lists. In this type of testing use or choose 3-4 testing items which you are certain will give low results. If you think your email bounce rate has increased significantly over a period of time, then it is better to conduct and A/B testing using the variable which can possibly affect the email marketing campaign. Based upon the results email address verification or email address verifier can be used to improve the campaign reach. You can even test the call-to-action as it is one of the most critical part of your email. You can begin by testing whether you obtain a better conversion rate or not.

Questions to ask before you run an A/B or split test

1. What do we want to improve and why?
2. Is A/B testing the only way to test the feasibility of the campaign because it can eat a big amount of the budget.
3. How will the outcomes of the testing be measured?
4. Is it feasible to re-use the results in the latter part of the campaign?
5. What are the assumptions on which the campaign is going to work?
6. Can the testing measure the hypothesis you have set?

One good thing about testing email marketing is the fact that it is measurable and the results can definitely bring in a lot of change in the email marketing campaign.