Email Addresses to Delete from the Mailing List

According to MarketingSherpa an average email list depreciates by 20-25% every year and as an email marketer, you will be actively involved in contributing to the depreciation of the mailing list. And, this is the main reason why list cleaning is becoming a popular and verify email is being used by successful email marketers across the globe. These services help you reduce the instances of un-subscription and recipients marking your email as spam. It will save you time and increase the email open rates, thereby giving your email marketing wings and ensuring success in the marketing campaign.


Which email addresses to remove?

1. Invalid and duplicate email addresses

Check the email list for invalid domain names or fishy email addresses. You can check the email address for duplicity and remove the ones which are repetitive in nature. Email address validation is a great way to check the whole list and ensure that the list is sparkling clean in nature. And, customers who unsubscribe should be removed immediately from the mailing list before the damage is done. If you continue to send emails to such customers, they are likely to mark the newsletters as spam. Once the spam rate increases, it becomes difficult to control the whole email marketing campaign.

2. Remove customers who never subscribed

Sending newsletters to a customer who from the start was never interested in the campaign is likely trying to attract a male to a female beauty parlor. The result would be atrocious and the male customer would be frustrated to no end and your relationship with him will come to an end forever. Therefore, send mail only to people who are genuinely interested in the products and services you offer.

3. Alias email addresses

A number of ESP will never deliver emails which are triggered to alias email addresses such as [email protected] or [email protected]. This is because not all the alias email addresses opts in for receiving newsletters on a regular basis. Email verifier will help you remove such customers as well, thereby increasing the deliverability and click through rates.