Easy Steps of List Cleaning-Part II

In the first part we learnt to kick start the list cleaning process for a higher deliverability and conversion rate. Spam complaints from the customers flag the account and the sender’s reputation is degraded. The deliverability of any email marketing campaign is heavily dependent upon the sender’s reputation. A high reputation opens up the door for better communication with the customer and you can reach the inbox of the customer very easily. Email validation will undoubtedly help you maintain a proper sender’s score. Read on ahead to explore the next step, which you need to take to easily cleaning the mailing list.


3. A complete customer profile is helpful

The landing pages and the opt-in forms should be designed such that all the relevant information about the customer is known and manually entering the details later on will become a difficult and mammoth task. A complete user profile can be used later on for different marketing purposes. Additionally, cleaning the mailing list using email address verification will become easy. Try to have as much data as possible for every subscriber on the mailing list. When the data is under one roof, employing a list cleaning service will be beneficial.

4. Remove the Unwanted

If you further want to enhance the performance of the list, you have to permanently get rid of the inactive and dormant customers. Additionally, based upon the previous marketing history of the consumer, you can remove or keep them on the mailing list. For example, if a customer has filtered your email as spam, there is no point continuously triggering emails to such customer. You will be wasting the precious marketing resources. Therefore, remove customers who have a tendency of filtering the newsletters as spam.

5. Reengage the lost customers

After you have done the initial round of list clean up using verify email, send an engagement mail to the subscribers to who are not so active.  It will help you fill the data gaps and you will be able to connect with customers in a better way. Encourage subscribers by sending engaging emails to the existing customers.