Easy Steps of List Cleaning- Part I

Sending email marketing campaigns to old, stale and outdated list will result in an extremely high number of spam complaints, bounce rates and unsubscribes. And, these three numbers are more than enough for the ISP’s to filter the sender as spam. When you win the title of a spam sender, all your messages are blocked and the communication never reaches the inbox of the customers. If your mailing list does not make cut and does not reach the benchmark set by the email service providers, you can even be stopped from mailing the customer altogether. Therefore, it is essential to maintain the mailing list and ensure that list is cleaned using verify email regularly. A cleaned and healthy list opens up the door for better segmentation and targeting.


1. Know the data source

Identifying the data source is essential if you want to eliminate customers who not interested. The source of data is where your subscribers make the first contact it can be landing pages, personal meeting or web opt-in forms. And, if you can notice any trend in the erroneous email addresses, you can eliminate the same in the future. If the data is not consistently imported in the database, it will be a matter of concern. Similarly, if all the forms do not have the same field, you need to rectify the mistake. This step will ensure that the mailing is clean.

2. Merge the collected data

Mere collecting the data will not help the email marketing campaign and if multiple collections points are involved it becomes even more necessary to merge the data in a single database. Merging the data will give you the advantage of eliminating the duplicate addresses. Moreover, when all the data is at once place, maintaining the list becomes an easy task. You can effectively use email address verification to scrub and clean the mailing list further and improve the deliverability rates. Additionally, cleaning a complied list is thousand times easier and cheaper than a scattered list.

If your mailing list is old or recycled it needs email validation to get back into the shape.