Does an Unclean List Really Cause IPs to get Blocked?

As a company who uses email marketing primarily to engage customers and build long term relationship, email deliverability holds the key to reach out to the potential customers. And, if the deliverability rates are extremely low, then marketing through this channel will never reap benefits. It is essential that the emails deliver to the inbox of the customers otherwise the ROI of the whole campaign will dip causing you a lot of trouble in the future. Additionally, the IP addresses through which you send the email will easily get blocked if too many hard bounces or soft bounces are reported.


Unclean list will cause irreparable damage

An unclean mailing list means you have email addresses of customers who no longer wants to be part of the mailing list and customers who are no longer using the email addresses. Such unclean list will lead to a hell lot of issues and can damage the whole email marketing campaign. An unclean list causes irreparable damages which in turn set the eyes of the ISP on your activity and any further suspicious activity will lead to your IP getting permanently blocked. And, when an IP address is blocked, the whole marketing campaign comes to a standstill. Always remember that it takes only one bad customer to ruin and spoil the delivery network and cause a hell lot of problems to the marketer.

How email validation will help?

Email verifier and email address verification are your one stop destination to remove the unwanted email addresses and ensure a sparkling clean list. The powerful API used by these companies will help you clean the email list before the campaign even starts. These services are veterans in their field and they know how to build long term relationship with the customers. Cleaning the mailing list once or twice will do the trick and you will see an increase in the deliverability rates and the IPs will no longer get blocked.

Email validation is the soul of email marketing! Make the best use of a service provider today!