Creating Sign-up forms that Convert – Part II

Growing your email list and generating leads should be the focus point of your email marketing campaign. Many business owners never pay heal to creating a strong marketing list and complain that online marketing does not work. You need to provide customer with something, if you want to grab their email addresses. Additionally, the copy you use for the sign-up forms has a direct impact on the sign-up rate. You need to practically optimize the form for maximum conversions. Also, once in a while scrub the generated email list using email address validation to remove unwanted and inactive readers. Here are a few more ways to create sign-up forms that actually convert.

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Tell the customers what will happen next

Signing up for a newsletter without knowing what exactly will happen next creates an environment of uncertainty. And, uncertainty results in friction, which causes high customer attrition rate. Most readers like to take control of the type and frequency of content they wish to receive. The worst thing the sign-up can do it simply tell the users to submit the completed form. Instead, of using the simple submit button, write ‘start your free trial now’, ‘start posting’ or ‘start bookmarking’. The readers will know what to expect from your brand. Additionally, scrub the email list using email verifier to stay connected with interested readers.

Focus on using a single column

According to a survey, single form works better than any other type of forms. Therefore, as far as possible, focus on using single column to attract the attention of the readers. Most business owners use single column as they know the effectiveness of this type of form.

Tell the errors completely

If the customers, fail to fill a mandatory field in the sign-up form, tell the mistake clearly to the readers. And, when the readers fill the form incorrectly, show an error message and ensure that the wrong fields, which the customer filled is populated. When customers have to fill the form from starting, it leads to friction and they prefer to leave the form without filling it.

Use email validation on a regular basis to increase your customer database.