Creating Sign-up forms that Convert – Part I

If you’re using a white paper or an eBook to incentivize people to subscribe, you want to reap maximum benefits. After all, you have spent hours creating content, which will pique the interest of the target audience. But, somehow, whitepaper and eBooks don’t live up to the expectation of the readers due various reasons. Focus on using sign-up forms as you can place them not only on your website, but other areas where you’re driving traffic. It will help build a strong email list. However, cleaning the marketing list regularly using email verifier is essential to maintain a healthy and hygienic list. Here is a recipe to create sign-up forms that actually convert.

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Few fields = more conversions

Every field you ask the readers to fill only increase friction because of lack of time. Therefore, it’s best to remove as many unnecessary fields as possible from the sign-up form. Every additionally field makes you lose a number of potential customers. And, according to an eye tracking study, people usually overlook the required field and end-up getting frustrated filling the whole form. Remove the optional fields from your sign-up form for better customer engagement. Additionally, the number of fields depends upon your brand reputation, trusted brands can easily get away with a long sign-up form. Unless you require any specific information about your customers, never use more than 5 fields in your sign-up form.

Show social proof

Obviously, no one wants to be the idiot filling your email form. You need to show some social proof to attract the attention of the reader. At the bottom of the newsletter, place social proof like ‘ Why not subscribe to our newsletter and join over 42345 subscribers. Social proof is extremely essential to build a rapport with the prospects. However, scrub the email addresses you have collected using email address validation to remove inactive and dormant accounts.

Form design matters

People are attracted towards beautiful designs, if you still use a dull and boring form, you need to change it right away else you will lose out on potential customers.

Focus on using email validation regularly for a better forming marketing campaign.