Cost Benefit Analysis of Cleaning the Mailing List

Pricing tag is attached to each and every email address present in the mailing list and the quality of list hygiene using email address verification determines the difference between the profit and loss of the email marketing campaign and the difference between satisfied and unsatisfied readers. Your company would be losing out on a boatload in profits if the quality of the email list is poor and you are not focusing on maintaining the email marketing list properly. You can actually improve the revenue of the email marketing by focusing on the marketing list. Sending messages to dormant and inactive email addresses will cost your company heard earned dollars. An unhygienic list will cost your business in the following ways.

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A deliverable address may not necessarily mean that reader is engaged and you can send as many messages as you want. Internet service providers consider both the positive and negative impact metrics to evaluate the deliverability of the email marketing campaign. As your engagement rate decreases, so will your capability to avoid the junk folder will reduce. Maintaining a high deliverability rate is essential so that the readers keep receiving the email message in their inbox.

Unnecessary Spending

There is a cost associated with every email being delivered to the readers. The ESPs usually bills you based upon the size of the marketing list and the number of emails you send to the readers on a monthly basis. The cost will also include sending messages to dormant and inactive customers. Why do you unnecessarily want to spend on such readers and burn your money? It is not a good financial step as it leads to financial crisis.

Customer satisfaction is low

When the message is not reaching the inbox of the readers, your customers are likely to move out of the marketing campaign. Email validation will definitely help in maintaining a high customer satisfaction as the messages will land directly in the inbox of the readers. When customers leave the marketing campaign, it reduces trust and all the marketing efforts are wasted.

Email verifier is your one stop destination to cleaning the marketing list.