Cold Emails – A Danger to Email Deliverability

The CAN SPAM law does not object to cold emails, but cold emails are dangerous and can choke the email deliverability. And, these cold emails are a necessary evil to every B2B marketer looking to increase their user base. Acquiring new clients in B2B business is a challenging task because of which companies send unsolicited emails to customers. Even if one customer is acquired, the aim of sending the unsolicited email becomes successful, but at the cost of an extremely poor deliverability rate. Poor deliverability rate can be increased by using email address verification. Here are a few reasons why every marketer should avoid cold emails.


Messages are reaching the spam filters

The filtering of content by major email service providers like Google, Yahoo and Outlook is based upon the content you send to the target audience. The spam filters will thoroughly check the whole content of the email before sending it to the spam folder. And, once you hit the spam folder, all your messages will never reach the inbox of the intended target audience. Though it happens on a per email basis, deliverability rate is drastically affected. If you are looking for new clients, then try to innovate email marketing campaigns and send meaningful messages to the target audience.

Bounce emails

Hard bounces are a nightmare for the email marketers because deliverability to a particular address has failed permanently, it may be because of wrong email address or the message being blocked by the customer. Cold emails often result in permanent blocking of the customer due to the irrelevant nature of the message. You may be able to acquire one or two customers using cold emails, but the loss you will incur in terms of reputation and brand value will be irreparable.  Therefore, carry out a cost-benefit analysis before making a final call.

Sender’s score

A low sender score will further hamper the email deliverability.  Your sender’s score is similar to your credit score, based on which your financial value is decided. Email validation and email verifier will definitely help to improve the sender’s reputation, if cold emails are not sent to the target readers.