Click rates and Email Validation

All of us somehow or the other depend upon statistical results for everything. We prefer buying a car, which was sold the maximum and has the best customer reviews thereby neglecting our own requirements. Statistics play an important role in deciding whether the email campaign is successful or not. Low statistic in a marketing campaign is an indication that the marketing efforts are probably not moving in the right direction. One such important metric is the click rate. High click rate is desirable as it speaks a lot about your quality of content and the type of customers on the mailing list.  A low click rate is primarily due to the faulty email list. You can use email validation on a regular basis and keep the marketing list sparkling clean to ensure customers are engaged.


Re-targeting purchased list customers

Acquiring customers of a purchased list is a tedious task, but essential for a higher click rate. Before, sending any emails to such customers, remember to re-confirm their interest in receiving information from your end. This is essential because such prospects would have signed up for some other newsletter. Therefore, messages that you are sending to this particular user group should include aggressive offers and re-targeting messages as you cannot afford to lose out these leads. Additionally, you can send welcome emails to the customers and send them promotional offer to attract their attention. Unless you offer something worthwhile, a conversion is less likely to happen. Use email address verification to remove the inactive customers from the mailing list to ensure low spam complaints.

Message each segment differently

Many marketers commit the mistake of sending the same message to different segments of the customer. Collect information about the audience and send messages accordingly based upon their interests. Try sending different offers with different wordings to the customers as it will help you increase the click rate. You will definitely need to practice a lot before understand the requirement of the target audience, but it would be worth the effort.

Use verify email to clean the mailing list on a regular basis.