Cleaning your Mailing List

Presence of confirmed opt-in customers in the marketing list does not necessarily mean that your email addresses will never go stale. Email addresses go stale when a marketer makes no attempt to contact the prospects for a long period of time. Cleaning the mailing list using email verifier is essential to maintain the sender’s reputation and ensure a high deliverability rate. Businesses which do not regularly focus on their mailing list, seldom reach the hearts of the target audience. Additionally, a stale mailing list will only attract negative reputation and result in higher spam complaints.


When does a list go stale?

When customers are not contacted for a long period of time, they tend to forget whether they signed for receiving such messages or not. And, when a customer is unable to recollect, he/she will flag the message as spam and degrade your sender’s reputation. Additionally, the email address of the customer might have changed during this time period. Sending messages to a non-existent email address will result in a hard bounce. Your account status will be at stake and the engagement rate will drastically reduce.  Email marketing list becomes stale when you notice drastic changes in the open rate and the click-through rate. A low open rate should be an indicator that the messages are not being sent to the intended target audience.  A sparkling clean mailing list results in low marketing cost and efforts because you are connecting with customers genuinely interested in your marketing efforts.

How to clean the stale list?

Cleaning a stale list is a task if you don’t hire a professional email address verification company. A professional service will ensure that the stale list goes under a series of test to ensure all the bad and inactive email addresses are removed. Additionally, you can reconfirm the old mailing list and set new expectations for the customers. Setting new expectations for the customers is essential as again, they might become dormant. Send the ‘remember us’ email to the customers of the stale list and win back their trust.

Email validation is the leading tool to clean the mailing list.