Choosing an Email Validation Service Provider

A plethora of organizations still have an age old perception about collecting email addresses because according to them, success of an email marketing campaign lies in securing the highest possible volume of email addresses. It is a myth that higher number of email addresses generate high conversion rate and revenue. On the contrary, sending emails to a large list result in both soft and hard bounces. The preference of quality over quantity has blindfolded many organizations and it leads to degrading the reputation with the ISPs. You need to understand that ISPs in the end decide that how many of your emails should actually reach the inbox of the customers. And, this decision is primarily based upon the sender’s reputation. The email marketing volume will be throttled if the sender’s score is not enhanced. Therefore, choosing the appropriate email validation company is essential as it will help you reach the target recipients.

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Speed and Accuracy

Speed and accuracy are two parameters, which are extremely important because a high speed will ensure that the messages are sent soon and accuracy will help you improve the sender’s reputation. The communication effectiveness can be easily enhanced using email verifier. Ask for a free trial on a batch from the vendor, before hiring the email address verification vendor. You can even look for online reviews of the vendor and decide whether the service provider is worth hiring or not. Additionally, request the service provider to provide results of the speed test conducted by them previously.

Active Validation

Check whether the vendor is offering only syntax correction or active validation or both. Syntax correction is a procedure wherein the accuracy of the email address is checked (typo, spelling mistakes, etc.) Active validation is a real-time check with the each ISP to determine whether the email address can accept incoming mails and whether the address exists. Therefore, it is best to pick up a vendor offering full active validation as it will ensure that the mailing list is free from notorious email addresses.

Additionally, ensure that the vendor is capable enough to handle huge volume at an affordable price.