CAN-Spam Compliance Alone is not Enough

The CAN-Spam law was passed in the year 2003 with an aim of providing the recipients with the right to stop any business from emailing them, if the aforementioned law is violated. The law is applicable to all bulk messaging and commercial emails sent to the customers. Only transactional businesses messages are refrained from the law. However, there are loopholes in the law and today just being CAN-spam compliant will not serve the email marketing business. You have a set of rules at your office to work for 9 hours a day with 1 hour of lunch break, but people take lunch break exceeding 1 hour. The rules are defined, but not followed. Same is the case with the CAN-Spam law. You will be well covered according to the law, but it will not help delivery of the email messages. The CAN-Spam will not help deliver the intended messages to the inbox of the customer.


What are the rules of the law?

As per the law, the following guidelines should be met.

1) The header of the email should not be misleading

2) The subject line should be appropriate and not misleading to the customers.

3) The recipients should have an option explicitly informing them about the un-subscription option.

4) The recipients should know about your location.

5) The opt-out should be easy and such requests should be honored by the sender

Additionally, more than 90% of the emails being triggered to the customers are considered as spam and never reaches the inbox of the customers. Therefore, it is best to have permission based email marketing campaign as it will enhance the email deliverability rates.

How Email Validation will help?

Email address verification will remove the unwanted clients and customers ensuring that CAN-Spam rules are effectively followed and adhered. It will not only increase the deliverability, but will also enhance the sender’s reputation, which is destroyed when emails are triggered to wrong email addresses. Verify email along with CAN-Spam compliance will help you achieve the desired email marketing results.