Building Your List Using Social Media

Building up your email marketing list is one the leading way to interact with potential customers and one of the smartest thing to do. In a fraction of a second, more than thousands of customers can receive messages in their inbox. Based upon the quality of the marketing list, the fate of your messages will be decided. Therefore, it’s essential to clean the marketing list using email address verification to remove the unwanted readers from the list. Social media can help you build a strong mailing list and you should definitely target the customers of social media. Here are a few ways to build your list using social media.


Use contests to attract readers

You can host webinars and create a free download to attract the potential readers. The main aim is to create offers and content that are linked back to the landing pages, which help in creating a strong marketing list. Contests are a great way to gather email addresses and turn the potential readers to long term customers. However, remember that many customers signup just to participate in the contest and may not be interested in receiving newsletters from your brand. Therefore, before sending newsletters to your customers, remember to clean the marketing list using email verifier.

Facebook Tabs

Create a Facebook tab that directly leads the customer to your email subscription form. Many customers today use Facebook to interact with their friends and relatives, it can become an essential platform to grow your marketing list. Undoubtedly, Facebook tabs will help you create an authentic list comprising of subscribers, who are genuinely interested in your brand. Additionally, you can leverage the advantage of Facebook Call to Action to further entice the target audience.

Simply Ask the Subscribers

Another way to attract the attention of the readers is to ask them directly on the social media. You need to make a habit to include a post, especially to promote your email list every week. Attract the readers by sharing creative videos and interesting images.

Whatever may be your customer acquisition tactic, remember to use email validation to clean the marketing list.