Building an Email Marketing List from Scratch

Email is an essential piece of marketing for any business whether small or established, but building an effective email list is a daunting task. If you are just starting your business or are an established name in the industry, if you are unhappy with your marketing results, you need to focus on creating an email marketing list from scratch. An email marketing list will help you market your product and services to people who are interested in your brand. However, remember to clean the mailing list using email address verification to remove the inactive and unwanted readers. Here are a few ways to build an email marketing list from scratch.


Create an easy to use signup page on your homepage

Your website is an extremely essential tool for informing your target readers about your business and brand. It is also a great way to build an email list. Your signup form should be easy to locate and should tell the readers about what they are signing for- newsletters, announcements, special deals and promotional offers. Create a catchy and a colorful signup form to attract readers to leave their email addresses. Remember to share the link of your signup form in your business signature. However, remember to clean the mailing list using email verifier to remove inactive email addresses from the list.

Gather email messages in person

If you have a storefront wherein you communicate regularly with your readers, you can solicit emails directly from the customers. You can ask readers to sign up during community events, trade shows, expos and exhibition. Collecting email addresses during such events become easier as a plethora of readers are interested in such events. Gathering email messages in person is one of the leading ways to build the marketing list because people who are interested sign up for receiving information from your end.

Provide incentives to everyone who provide their email address

Offer customers a reward for sharing their email addresses. The incentive can be in the form of free points, special discounts and loyalty programs. Providing incentives will help you build an authentic email list. Remember to clean the marketing list using email validation to avoid spam and complaint rate.