Building an Authentic Mailing List- Part II

The soul of email marketing lies in the quality of the mailing list. The mailing list has the power to either enhance sales or destroy the marketing efforts. As an email marketer, you need to focus on creating a mailing list by acquiring customers through legitimate sources. You will be spending hundreds of dollars in creating the marketing campaign, but the recipient will take a fraction of second to filter the message as spam. All your efforts and money will go in the drain, if you are sending regular emails to customers who are not interested in receiving the newsletters.  Building a mailing list, which is verified by email verifier will help you connect to the target audience in a better way. Here are few more ways of building a mailing list.


Use social media

Social media will help you improve and promote your brand and you can leverage its effectiveness to acquire new customers and engage the existing customers. Using social media button on the landing page, promoting the marketing campaign through social media and adding a call-to-action on your Facebook business page will surely help you increase sales and reach the hearts of the customers. You can also acquire email addresses through your company’s YouTube channel. However, remember to use email address verification before triggering mails to the newly acquired customers. This will help you reduce the spam complaints and the deliverability rates will increase.

Use your webpage

Your website is the mirror of your offering and it is the first thing which can create an impression. You need to insert link to offer through which you can acquire the email addresses of the customers. Ensure to use the call-to-action on each and every page of the website because a customer will not search your website again. Additionally, you need to take blogging seriously as it creates engagement and the customers are able to read relevant information. You can also try guest blogging as it will help you get in touch with the readers of that particular website as well.

Focus on your mailing list and see the results.