Building an Authentic Mailing List- Part I

You probably do not know that the email database, you will accumulate in 2015 will slowly degrade by 22.5% by 2016, meaning you will be losing out on potential customers and hitting spam traps every now and then. The marketing list degrades because the email addresses of the customer changes due to various reasons including opting out of the mailing list, using an old AOL address and email address changing. Unnecessarily hitting the spam traps and honey pots will reduce the deliverability rate and you will not be able to reach the inbox of the customer. Therefore, you need to continually update the mailing list and add fresh contact to the email marketing list. Email address verification will help you reduce the deliverability rates and increase engagement. Use the following ways to build an authentic mailing list.

Great content

Content in email marketing works as a magnet to attract the attention of the subscribers. Therefore, if you do not want your subscribers to go away from the marketing campaign, you need to sell content, which will generate interest in the minds of the customers. The content should be such that customers are forced to share the mail with their friends and family members. Using remarkable content you can easily build an authentic list of customers. To ensure delivery, you can use an email verifier and reach the inbox of the customers directly.

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Use online contest

Free giveaways and promotional offers are a great way of building the mailing list. Customers readily provide their information for a free giveaway. Therefore, based upon the nature of your business, organize an online contest wherein you distribute free giveaways and discount coupons to the customers. Additionally, you need to ensure that mailing addresses given by the customers are authentic. Therefore, it is important to get email address validation done if this method is used for acquiring customers.

Energize your stale mailing list

Energizing the stale mailing list is essential as a decayed list will be a complete waste. You need to create an engaging opt-in message to ensure you win back the old customers.