Building a Mailing List From Scratch

A strong and authentic mailing list is one of the biggest assets for a company and if you are starting from scratch, you should focus on the customer acquisition methods. And, if you are serious about taking your business to the next level, building a mailing list should be your top most priority. You basically have 100% control over the list unlike other marketing platforms wherein the algorithms change frequently making it difficult to entice customers. Use your website and social media presence to attract readers to sign up for the newsletter and other important communication. This way you can contact the customers in the future at the point of time without being bound by social media and search engine rankings.

Use an email marketing service

Since, you are starting from scratch, it is advisable to use the services of an email marketing provider and email address verification company. The email service provider will help to build the list, test different campaigns, and manage all your day-to-day mailing list requirements. Different service providers offer different pricing based upon on the list size. Therefore, ensure to choose a service based upon your expectations. The email validation company will help you clean the mailing list and remove the inactive and dormant customer thereby reducing the bounce rate. Choose an email verifier company based upon the size of the list and the frequency of scrubbing the list.


Create an irresistible asset

Before customers sign up for the newsletter and provide their email address, it is essential to offer something enticing to the customers. The asset could be a free eBook, access to webinar, discounts and promotion codes exclusively for the subscribers. Additionally, you can change your current blog into a guide and offer it free to the subscribers. Unless the customers are engaged and have a reason for subscribing, you can never acquire the email addresses of the customers.

Create an opt-in form

The email service provider will provide you an option to create an opt-in form and the less information you ask, the more customers will sign up for the newsletter because people hate revealing too much information.