How to Build a Strong Email Reputation?


Your reputation as an email sender plays a significant role in deciding the fate of the messages you send to the customers. The more is your email reputation, the more email makes it to the inbox of the readers. And, as an email marketer, you know that making to the inbox of the customers is not as easy as it seems. The success of your email marketing campaign is dependent upon various factors such as list hygiene and deliverability. Focus on cleaning the list using verify email to reach the inbox of the recipients. Here are a few ways of building a strong email reputation.

Send to a permission based email list

When you send messages to a purchased or a third party list, you kill the chances of reaching the inbox of the recipients. Such a list damages your email reputation beyond repair. Therefore, focus on sending only to a permission based email list. Send informative and meaningful content to people who have opted to receive your emails to ensure high sender’s reputation. You can opt for a double opt-in sign-in process to provide an extra layer of security to the email list. However, clean the permission based list using email address validation to curb unwanted customers from the marketing list.

Send consistently

Marketers who send messages once in a while have a lower email reputation because customers don’t wait for your messages. Many recipients might filter your messages as spam because they have forgotten about your brand. Focus on sending messages consistently to the recipients. However, do not bombard the inbox otherwise, your messages will reach the spam folder.

Send interesting and targeted content

Sending engaging and interesting content to the email list is the foundation of a strong email marketing campaign. You need to remember that all your content should be up to the mark, if you want the readers to engage with your brand. Include images and colors to make the newsletter interesting to read.

Comply to these golden rules to improve the email reputation and clean the list using validate email to reach the inbox of the readers.