How to Build Rapport by Increasing Email Reputation?

Email marketing is considered as hard sales and customers are reluctant to share their email address with marketers. Customers don’t share their email address because of the fear of being bombarded with sales related message. In order to achieve email success and attract customers, you need to remove this social stigma. Focus on concentrating on your email reputation that is dependent upon the way email providers affect and view your emails. A bad reputation will trigger the spambots making it impossible to reach the inbox of the readers. To improve your email reputation, focus on cleaning the marketing list using email address validation. Here are a few ways to build email rapport.

Spam complaints

Spam complaint is a lethal tool available to customers to filter messages as spam. Your recipients simply state that they have not given you permission to send messages. When such things occur, your email reputation decreases. Therefore, ensure that your emails are sent to people who have agreed to receive messages from your organization. Focus on including an unsubscribe link wherein you ask the readers the reason for leaving the marketing campaign. Furthermore, focus on cleaning the email list using validate email. The lesser the spam complaints, the higher the email reputation.

Bounce rate

Another nightmare for email marketers is the bounce rate. A high bounce rate indicates that you’re sending messages to people who don’t exist. It is indicative of a poor email list. You need to keep a hawk eye on the bounce rate to ensure that your messages reach the inbox of the readers. Focus on using the double opt-in system to avoid the chances of a hard bounce. The cleaner your email list, the better is your reputation.

Open rate

If the open rate is low, your content is not resonating with the target audience. Moreover, a low open rate alerts the spambots and every message is scrutinized. You need to have a crisp and clear subject line that matches the content. Sending irrelevant content to the customers will leave the recipients in frustration.

Therefore, focus on using verify email to improve the email reputation.