How to Build a Clean Email List?

Internet service providers (ISPs) take many things into consideration before sending the message to the inbox of the customers. From subscriber engagement to spam complaint rate, the ISPs consider everything before making a final call. The ISPs look for how interested your subscribers are in the content that you send them. When your email list comprises of genuine and valid email addresses reaching the inbox is easier. Therefore, focus on building a clean marketing list using email address validation. Here are a few ways to build a clean email list.

Scrutinize the sign up process

In-form verification does a great job ensuring that the typos and mistakes are corrected at the initial stage. Use web form verification to eliminate entry of potential spam bots and manual frauds from entering the mailing list. Confirm the email address twice because a user who makes a mistake once is likely to notice it on filling the same email address for the second time. You can even choose double opt-in or confirmed opt-in to confirm the interest of the subscriber. As soon as a customer agrees to register on your website, you can send the message to the customer confirming their signup process. Furthermore, focus on cleaning the mailing list using email verify to reach the target audience.

Remove unwanted people

As per the CAN-SPAM law, you have 10 days of honoring the unsubscribe request from the customer. But, according to the golden rule of business with email marketing, you need to remove the customer from immediately from the marketing list. If you don’t remove these customers, it will result in spam complaints, which would reduce the subscriber engagement rate to a great extent. Therefore, focus on removing the unwanted customers from the marketing list as soon as possible.

Recheck the list hygiene and re-engagement campaigns

Delivering cleaner data and properly addressing the re-engagement issues is another way to build a clean mailing list. There is no point hiring a list hygiene service that offers only words, but is incapable of cleaning the marketing list.

Make sure your email reaches the inbox next time using validate email.